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Welcome to the Lantana Ridge Community Website!

We invite you to use this website to find community news and announcements and to locate information about our community. 

For Property Owner access to the website or gates, or for community information, contact Community Association Management (CAM) at 512-288-2376. You may also e-mail them at info@camanagers.com or gates@lantanaridgepoa.com.  

You may contact Board members via email at Board@lantanaridgepoa.com.  Your email will be reviewed by Board members and you should receive a response within 48 hours of the email.

For Architectural Review Committee (ARC) information, email arc@lantanaridgepoa.com.

For Architectural Control Committee (ACC) information, email acc@lantanaridgepoa.com

Oak Wilt Message

Oak Wilt Prevention Policy isin Effect - Look under Resources/Documents

Oak Wilt has been identified and is contained to a very small area inside Lantana Ridge. 

The POA is following advice from the Texas A & M Forestry Service and will trench around the perimeter to protect the spread.

Oak trees may only be pruned/cut during oak trim season which is July-January. 

Board approval is required to cut oak trees February 1-June 30. 

Requests must include a valid reason for cutting out of season, date scheduled for cutting and wound protection guarantee. Email requests to 


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